The Treutlein group in December 2016

The Treutlein group in December 2016


Barbara Treutlein, Ph.D.

Max Planck Research Group Leader and Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at TU Munich

See here for CV.


Gray Camp, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral researcher in Svante Pääbo's group

I'm working on various projects studying human organogenesis with the goal to understand the molecular basis and origin of human traits. See here for more information. 


Tobias Gerber, M.Sc.

Graduate Student

I am using my experience in working with tiny amounts of ancient DNA to develop methods to study tiny amounts of RNA in single cells. 


Sabina Kanton, M.Sc.

Graduate Student, BIF Ph.D. Fellow

I use single cell transcriptomics to study neuronal cell type diversity and human brain development. 


Malgorzata Santel (née Gac), Ph.D.

Lab Manager

My current work focuses on studying human evolution using cell-culture models. I am involved both in single cell genomics projects as well as high-throughput flow cytometry analyses and sorting.


Jorge Kageyama, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Postdoc



Agnieska Brazovskaja, M.Sc.

Graduate Student

High Throughput single cell transcriptomics.


Damian Wollny, Ph.D.

I am developing high-throughput tools to analyze the function of genes involved in human cortex development and evolution.


Sebastian Ebert, B.Sc.

Master student